• on September 7, 2023

2023 Hurricane Parking Letter


Dear Parishioners and Friends in the Community,

As the 2023 hurricane season commences, we pray that God will protect us all. St. Peter parish is pleased to announce the opening of our Hurricane Parking Program. 

A blessing in disguise by Hurricane Irma of September 2017, we thank God for our newly built church with some elevated parking spaces. As we provided with the 2022 Hurricane Season, the elevated parking spaces were used by vehicles of our community First Responders, our Community Food Pantry Volunteers, and essential Parish Staff and Volunteers of St. Peter Church to help mobilize recovery efforts when needed.

It remains our promise to Trauma Star Air Ambulance and imperative to ensure our driveways and accesses are free of vehicles for Monroe County Fire Rescue and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department to timely and safely navigate to our St. Peter field designated Landing Zone.

In the event this 2023 Hurricane year offers unused designated parking lot spots, it is our intent to extend this St. Peter Hurricane Parking Program to other essential members of our Big Pine community who remain here during evacuations to help in recovery efforts, such as lead workers of our local groceries, drug stores, hardware stores, utility offices and BPK churches.

The Manager or Pastor of each entity may themselves email our Property Manager, Nancy McCrosson at nancy@stpeterbpk.org  for a request form and parking guidelines for one emergency parking spot for the Manager or Pastor or their designated essential employee.

We hope and pray that we are spared this hurricane season but be assured that St. Peter parish will be here to help our community when needed.

St. Peter, pray for us.


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