Advocate Ministry

The Advocate Ministry offers information to the faithful of the Archdiocese whose marriages have ended and feel those marriages were never true and sacramental valid unions in the eyes of God.

The Advocate Ministry assists those in the parish going through the annulment process in all matters concerning the application and practice of Canon Law in the Declaration of Nullity.

The Advocate Ministry aims to correct common misconceptions about annulments and the annulment process.

The Advocate Ministry offers comfort of the Lord’s healing and reconciling presence – a spiritual companionship with the Petitioner to assist in the healing of human wounds and grow closer to Christ.

Advocates have been intensely trained by the Archdiocese of Miami, Metropolitan Tribunal and are familiar with Jurisprudence of Canon Law and the understanding of the mind of the judge. In addition, to training, Advocates have the staff of Metropolitan Tribunal always available to assist with most adequate and proper advice.

Parishioners seeking the assistance of the Advocate Ministry should contact Father Jets.