Fundraising Ministry

“The Fundraising Ministry” are the workers or team behind fund appeals, a significant way that St. Peter Catholic Church {a non-profit organization} obtains money for targeted needs or programs.

“Event Planning” is our main purpose used to increase visibility and support for a need as well as raising funds.

This 10-step process best explains our journey into a successful fundraising event:

  1. Purpose {Funds For: Program or Purchase Need}
  2. Fundraising Goal {Realistic Profit}
  3. Budget {Costs for Event}
  4. Team Rolls {Ownership of Tasks}
  5. Target Audience {Parishioners and or Community}
  6. Set – Up {Event onsite needs}
  7. Marketing {Parish, Community, Social Media, Media}
  8. Sales {Ticket Sales & Bookkeeping}
  9. Practice {Working the Event}
  10. Thank – You {Acknowledging and Announcing Event Successes}

Join in the fun with this parish vital “Fundraising Ministry” by calling Nancy McCrosson in the parish office at #305-872-2537 or by email at

Monday Money Counters: clockwise from upper right: Nancy Lopez (Lead), Becky Parenty, Sheila Madden, Gloria Suarez, and Nancy McCrosson (Bookkeeper).

Pictures of St. Peter’s Fundraisers – supporting the parish financially.

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