Adult Faith Formation

Faith Sharing Groups at St. Peters

St. Peter’s offers the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Jesus and one another through Faith Sharing Groups.  These small groups meet for a six-week period, twice a year, in October and January.  Members of the group pray, read Scripture, discuss faith in everyday living and so support one another in growing closer to Christ.

The Faith Sharing Groups use a series of books on different spiritual topics and Scripture, called Six Weeks With the Bible, available from Loyola Press.  The books provide a spring board for discussion and prayer in a respectful and supportive environment.

To find out more about Faith Sharing Groups, contact Norma or Laurita by leaving a message with the Parish Office at 305-872-2537.

Read what St. Peter’s Faith Sharing participants are saying about their small group experience!

“The fellowship is wonderful.”

“It was interesting to hear how other people pray and communicate with God.”

“It helped to expand and broaden my faith.”

“I learned many other resources to research further to extend the group into the week.”

“It made me grow in my prayer life and I got to know other parishioners better.”

“It fuels the spirit each week to do good and be closer to the Lord.”

“It helped me feel more a part of my church community.”