Respect Life Ministry

There are four pillars of the Respect Life Ministry
1) Prayer
Pro-life prayer cards and respect life literature are displayed along with this poster during the Adoration Hour on Tuesday mornings, also  pro life intentions during the prayer of the Faithful at Mass are included at every Mass.
2) Education
Announcements are in the Bulletin for pro life themes and resources available at pregnancy crisis centers in the Arch diocese of Miami.
Local Resources in the Florida Keys are available in the office if the Church is contacted for assistance.
3) Public Policy
Bulletin announcements are made about State and Federal pro life legislation that is pending. Contact information for State and Federal representatives is provided to encourage support for these pro life bills from our Catholic Community .Pro Life cases before the Supreme Court are also included in the Bulletin to raise awareness.
4) Pastoral Care
Financial support for the crisis pregnancy centers in the Archdiocese of Miami is provided at approved second collections. A future Baby Bottle Drive will take place next fall through our CCD program
Donations of Baby items to support our local community organizations working with underserved families is a future project under consideration
Contact: Maria Sims

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