Rite of Christian Initiation

Is God Inviting You on a Journey?

We sometimes experience within our lives a longing for something new, something else, something within. We may be seeking a new path with fresh perspectives, looking for an alternate route from a well-trodden one or becoming aware of different twists and turns in our heart. Often times this is God stirring within us, inviting us to hear His voice more closely.

St. Peter’s offers a journey of faith in a friendly and nurturing environment where you can listen more closely to God’s invitation in your life. Whether you are curious to learn about the Catholic faith or are seeking a different spiritual home, we invite you on this journey of discovery.  How fast or how far you travel on the journey is up to you.

Companions on the journey meet weekly November through April to pray, read the Bible, reflect and to talk about everyday life and living faith.  We deepen our relationship with Jesus, His Church and with one another.  We participate in the life of the parish family at St. Peter’s. Could this be the different path you seek?

To learn more about exploring the Catholic faith, contact Nancy in the parish office at 305-872-2537.