St. Peter’s Women of Service

Mission Statement

  1. St. Peter’s Women of Service (SPWS) will provide outreach services to members of the St. Peter Catholic Church community.
  2. SPWS will strive to address the social needs of this same community.

Possible Services

  1. Home visits to provide socialization
  2. Rides to and from doctor visits
  3. Short periods of respite from caregivers
  4. “Check in” phone calls to those who may be home bound
  5. Personal greeting cards
  6. Maintaining prayer list


  1. Referral/Request for services (call the office at 305-872-2537)
  2. Contact made by Coordinator
  3. Assessment and explanation of services
  4. Consent received to provide services
  5. Appropriate provider(s) assigned
  6. Monitoring and follow-up

Support for Women of Service

  1. Prayer
  2. Physical/Emotional support
  3. Ongoing training/education

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