• on April 12, 2023

A Huge Success for St. Peter’s 2023 Fundraiser Lobsterbake! $$$$

We are proud to announce this event made $20,273.00 after deducting all overhead costs!

Thank you to all who supported this success!

St. Peter’s especially thanks Kathy & Dusty Rhodes who sponsored the food for this event as well the prep, the bake {chef’s} and pre/post labor. Truly a labor of love & financial sponsorship.

Thank you to the dedicated Fundraising Committee Members who prepared for and worked this successful evening: Nancy McCrosson, Chris Cassidy, Kathy & Dusty Rhodes, Dee & Larry Johnson, Chris Stangler and Joanne Deithorn.

We thank those who volunteered for this event: Connie Hauk, Becky Parenty, Patty Muir, Clara Harrell, Pat Kersey, Rosalinda Hally & those who stepped up night of.

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