Food Bank

COMING SOON: a photo of our new Food Bank home

We at St Peter Church work to serve the Big Pine and Lower Keys Community and to help those in need. All are served regardless of religious affiliation. There are so many needy families in our area. St Peter Food Bank continues to serve the needs of our community with bags of food, provided by funds from parishioners. We serve an average of 500 men, women and children monthly. Many local organizations have food drives to benefit the Food Bank. Our contribution towards their food supply makes a big difference.

Our ministry responds to individual needs, whatever they may be:

Through a process of reflection, consultation assessment, planning, action, and evaluation, our Parish Social Ministry determines each individuals needs and how we can meet them. We are an all-volunteer organization, working in cooperation with feeding South Florida. We are financially aided by the generous donations of our friends and parishioners. Donations of all kinds, including money, canned goods, and nonperishables of food always needed and welcomed.

The second Sunday of every month is designated as “Loaves and Fishes”.  A basket is set on the altar on this day for your donations. Cash may also be placed in the basket in lieu of food.

To those of you that have already donated, thank you for your continued support of canned goods. At any other time, a basket is provided in the church vestibule or you may leave your donations in the office.

For additional information, contact the parish office, 305-872-2537

Beginning Wednesday March 24th, the food bank will be opening at 8:00 am and closing at 11:00 am. These hours will be in effect until further notice. The weather is getting warmer, and our tent has limitations on keep us volunteers and any of the food that needs stay cool.

St. Peter Food Bank is an equal opportunity provider