• on June 9, 2021

KofC 2021-2022 New Council Officers and Members

1. We are happy and proud to announce to you our newly elected and re-elected officers for council year 2021-2022. Please see list below led by our new Grand Knight Mark Berenz and Deputy Grand Knight Kelly Stevens. Congratulations to all!

2. We also congratulate our two new 3rd Degree brother Knights Jorge Ramos and Joe Pappadakis and our new transfer member brother Knight Daniel Ford. Welcome bros.!

3. Please see photos below taken on June 7, 2021 at St. Peter Ministry Center from the Election of Officers and 3rd Degree Exemplification rites and Toast for outgoing GK Chris Stangler!

4. For your reference, please see Duties of Council Officers from the official KofC Handbook found online in the Supreme Council website.

Thank you once again GK Chris for your great leadership during this most challenging year in the parish with construction and pandemic together. Your service is very much appreciated!

We wish everyone a great year of continued service and fraternity ahead.

Vivat Jesus

(L-R) New GK Mark B., new 3rd Degree Knight Jorge R., Chaplain Fr. Jets, new 3rd Degree Knight Joe P., and outgoing GK Chris S.
Outgoing GK Christ Stangler vesting new 3rd Degree Knight Joe Pappadakis with the official Knight’s pin after handing him the official Knight Rosary.
(L-R) Knights Jorge R., new GK Mark B., Finance Secretary Roly Cruz-Taura, Recording Secretary Mike Copolla, outgoing GK Chris S., Knight Joe P., Treasurer John Krieger, and outgoing Treasurer Howard Bleich and past GK — a great inspiration of service and fraternity to all of us!
Council Chaplain Fr. Jets posing with new 3rd Degree Knights Jorge R. and Joe P. after giving them his super wet blessings!
Newly elected GK Mark Berenz vesting new 3rd Degree Knight Jorge Ramos with the official Knight’s pin after handing him the official Knight Rosary.

K of C Officers
St. Peter Church, Big Pine Key, FL
Date of Election: 7 June 2021

Grand Knight                   *Mark Berenz
Deputy Grand Knight     *Kelly Stevens
Chancellor                        *Bob Pienkowski
Financial Secretary           Roly Cruz-Taura
Recorder                            Mike Coppola
Treasurer                         *John Krieger
Advocate                          *Kevin Madok
Warden                              Richard Klessens
Inside Guard                     Mike Quirk
Outside Guard                  Richard DiBonaventura
First Trustee                    *Jim Thompson
Second Trustee               *Tony Baglini
Third Trustee                   *Chris Stangler
Chaplain                             Fr. Jets Medina
* newly elected in corresponding position (others were re-elected)

New 3rd Degree Knights: exemplification done on June 7, 2021
Jorge Ramos
Joe Pappadakis

New Transfer Member: as of May 3, 2021
Daniel Ford – 3rd Degree

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