• on October 19, 2018

Virtus training – rescheduled

Mandatory training for those who work with children and other vulnerable people. We have had to reschedule the October 20th Virtus Session—it will now be on Saturday, November 17th at 10am.

If you know of anyone in your ministry who was planning to attend, please let them know about the change.  Due to a glitch in our ParishSoft computer program, we have been unable to send out a parish-wide email, so right now the only way we have of communicating is by word of mouth, a sign on the door and this email.  Thank you for the time and energy you pour into our Parish ministries!

This is a mandatory class for all who are not currently
compliant with the Virtus program—parish staff,
volunteers working with youth or vulnerable adults,
CCD teachers, Eucharistic Ministers for the home
bound, Youth Group volunteers, ministries working
with youth and Food Bank volunteers. If you are in
doubt as to whether you are required to attend, please
check with Nancy McCrosson.
Fr.Jets would like to extend an invitation to all parish
members to attend this informative session. There will
be a separate sign up sheet for those not required to
be fingerprinted or to continue with online bulletin
readings for training.
This very informative session will teach you about the
warning signs of sexual abuse and how you can
prevent it from happening in your church, home,
neighborhood, community, and school. Sexual child
abuse is a very real problem. Will you know how to
recognize the warning signs in your own children?
How about your neighbor’s children? This DVD
presentation also addresses the Internet and how
sexual predators are now hiding in chatrooms instead
of behind park trees.

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