St. Peter Church
"Listen to the whisperings
 of God in your heart"

Heart Filled

   Here you may smile, chuckle, or laugh until your side hurts or you may shed a tear, sob or have a really good cry.

   These are insights from our parish members. You may find a good hearted joke, a poem, a story or a little thought that may one day change your life.

   Please let us know if this page has brightened your day or helped you to have a better one.

THE PRAYER GARDEN - A wonderful, peaceful, awesome trip. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE FIREFLY TO GET TO THE FOUNTAIN, THE RIVER, THE TABLE AND THE JOURNAL When you enter the garden, click on the little firefly.Use the key to open the gate.  Click on different items in each section before You follow the firefly to the next page

From Roberta Castillo – Today, while listening to my favorite radio station, 1660AM, I heard this statement from one of the guest priests, “We are who we are, wherever we are.”

In the same light, or on the same note, he said; “There is no vacation from one’s vocation.”

Do you know how to pray The Rosary?

From Linda Luizza: This site really speaks to my heart Interview with GOD

From Connie Hauk: My favorite web site is Sacred Space.  It is an Irish prayer site I just love